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15 Minutes Of Inspiration Have you heard positive quotes and saying but never knew how to apply that great wisdom into your life? No worries... with 15 Minutes Of Inspiration you can learn exactly what the quote means and how to apply it to your life for less stress and greater joy! WIN: Peak Sports Performance Helping athletes perfect their mental game, therefore improving their overall performance in life and in sport. Sports, no matter the game, takes focus and mental mastery. Mental training performance can help all athletes, including: golfers, sporting clay shooters, boxers, surfers, tennis players, Olympians, and more! LIVING The VIRTUES Series Join Dawn Grant as she teaches you techniques to train your mind in seeking wisdom and implementing that wisdom in every facet of life. Each month, in her Living the Virtues course, you will understand how each virtue is thoroughly considered towards oneself, toward others, toward life, and how the virtue takes a deeper meaning when considering it as a spiritual principle. SUCCESS: Peak Life Performance Teaching three main areas of focus for CONSISTENT success in life: we must have a level of balance, clarity, and energy. Using time-tested quotes of wisdom to establish a deeper perspective of how our mind can be trained to build and reinforce consistent success in life. LOVE Better, LOVE More Dive into love. Reflecting on quotes from author David Richo and his many publications to help you look at love with a deeper meaning. To recognize love in our lives and also work at being more loving individuals; more loving toward ourselves and more loving toward others

What our customers are saying

"This is the World's Best Putter. What a week! Especially for me. I'm just thankful for what happened last week and I am grateful for the sessions we had. I was following instructions very well and it paid off. I am very, very positive at this moment of my life in every way and form. I do read all the info that you have given to me and it plays an important role in the way I think, so that you for that."

-Vijay Singh, PGA Tour Professional Golfer, 2008 FedEx Cup Champion, 34 PGA Tour Wins, Hall of Fame Inductee

“I have been working with Dawn since 2010. With the help of her mental training and hypnosis I have been able to see a difference in my mental game. I have been able to win 2 World FITASC Silver Individual Medals. I have won a Silver Medal at the World English along with 2 Bronze Medals as well. I am always looking forward to our next session.”

John Woolley, Multiple World Champion at FITASC and Sporting Clay Shooting, Nationals, Team USA, World Renowned Instructor

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